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I paid so much for ***. I went to purchase new glasses and everything was fine.

They gave me an eye exam, which she said was free, I ended up paying for, picked out nice frames, with 100$ off, and got the protectant for the lenses, which she said it was free, paid for it too, and at the end, when they were ready, I realized my old glasses were stronger than my new ones. Weird. I went back with my old glasses and showed them. They offered to adjust the lenses.

Sounds good right? Wrong. I went to pick them up today and the frame was crooked. I've had glasses since high school and not even my old glasses were crooked.

I told them about it and they "fixed it" they "fixed it" about 5 times and they were still crooked. It's thanksgiving.

I told them I don't have time to keep trying on the same frames over and over again. Long story short, they gave me IN STORE ONLY credit which sucks because I have to deal with these same *** unprofessional people again to pick out new glasses.

Monetary Loss: $559.

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OMG I feel your pain! I too have had a HORRENDOUS experience there and spent a fortune, from Australia, and I was scammed big time.

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